Exhibitions build new bridge for Thailand and Indonesia thru “Exhibiz in Market"

30 March 2017 / Jakarta, Indonesia – South East Asia's largest economy, Indonesia, will be the setting for a new bilateral trade campaign from the Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB).

TCEB will promote its latest campaign, Thailand Extra Exhibition – Expand Your Vibrant Business Opportunities in ASEAN and new campaign launch “Exhibiz in Market”, at the Hotel Pullman in Jakarta to promote international exhibitions held in Thailand, marking the country as a gateway for ASEAN market.

The business forum will illustrate how Thailand’s exhibition industry can help Indonesian businesses explore and tap into more business opportunities in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

It will also be the stage for a new exhibitor marketing campaign Exhibiz in Market, a promotion aimed at key event stakeholders, trade bodies, chambers of commerce, trade associations, exhibition sale agents in Indonesia. This is a funding initiative conceived to generate pavilions at international tradeshows in Thailand. The scheme sees TCEB offer financial assistance upto $5,500 for leaders of commercial pavilions of at least 36sqm to 250sqm in size.

According to Thailand's Ministry of Commerce, two-way trade between Thailand and Indonesia totaled US$14.5bn in 2016, with around $8.1bn in Thai exports to Indonesia and $6.4bn in Indonesian exports to Thailand.

Indonesia is one of the world’s leading producers of oil & gas, electrical appliances, palm oil, rubber, automotive and textiles. Thailand’s main imports from Indonesia include crude oil, coal, vehicle parts and accessories, metal ores, shipping and floating structures as well as vegetable and vegetable-derived products. In return Thailand exports automobiles, motoring parts and accessories, sugar, polymers of ethylene and propylene in raw form, as well as machinery, spark-ignition and internal combustion technology, as well as iron, steel and tapioca.

The country is already an active participant in Thailand's trade shows, contributing 5.29 per cent of total overseas visitors in 2016, visitors who according to a recent TCEB audit, paid greatest interest to the Food & Agriculture sector (51.7%), Health & Wellness (16.31%) and Automotive (15.95%).

Exhibitors from Indonesia accounted for 1.08 per cent of total overseas exhibitors, with the majority exhibiting in the Food & Agriculture sector (36.74%), Health & Wellness (15.36%) and Automotive (14.89%).

Exhibitions of course play a key role in facilitating trade and export between countries. With the TCEB Business Forum in Indonesia, the bureau hopes to achieve growth in international visitors and country pavilion from Indonesia by bringing together key agencies and industry associations. Speaking about the event in Jakarta, Mrs Jaruwan Suwannasat, Director of Exhibitions and Events, will reveal new exhibition incentive campaigns for Indonesia.

“In 2016, exhibitions in Thailand reached new heights, and this year the country expects to welcome 175,575 international exhibition delegates, generating a total of US$423m,” she said. “With the Thailand Extra Exhibition and the Exhibition Extra Advantage Programme, especially our new launched ‘Exhibiz in Market’ campaign, we will further assist and facilitate the demands of international exhibitors and trade visitors looking to build their business in ASEAN.

“Thailand’s trade connections with other countries in the region have expanded as a result of the formation of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC); a common market with an economy valued at US 2.4 trillion. Exhibitions of course play a key role in facilitating trade and export between countries, and TCEB hopes to build on these numbers with its March forum in Jakarta. We expect to welcome an increasing number of Indonesian participants to Thai trade shows, and to draw the interest of business parties based here in Thailand” said Suwannasat.

At TCEB, we offer Exhibition Extra Advantage Programme which includes Premiere Exhibition Access Programme which is a customised site-inspection tailor made to support trade show organizer interest to organize the show in Thailand, and Trade visitor promotion called “Connect Businesses” – an exclusive promotion for match-making at exhibitions in Thailand to earn US$100 for each trade visitor.

In addition to Thailand’s incentive programs for Indonesia stakeholders and to fully facilitate exhibition visitors, Spice Up Thailand, an online program designed for business travelers to gain utmost experience in Thailand through special privileges for business and leisure such as special discount on airport limousine, special airfare from Thai Smile, free internet sim card, and many more. Check it out at www.spiceupthailand.com

Contact TCEB or find out more about trade shows being held in Thailand at www.businesseventsthailand.com

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