ISRMAX Asia 2014 : Modern Farmers are Open-Minded

AEC convention has triggered off highly competitive economy in Southeast Asia prompting the Thai government and state enterprises to join forces to compete against other nations in the region. Agriculture sector is a key driver of Thailand’s economy, and rice is by far the most important crop. With an intention to help Thailand achieve the goal of reclaiming the world’s leading rice exporter role, IMPACT Exhibition Management and Pixie Consulting Solutions Limited (PCSL), generously supported by a combination of the government sector, state enterprise, entrepreneurs, the Thai Rice Exporters Association and the Thai Farmer Support Association, will be hosting “ISRMAX Asia 2014” (International Sugar Rice Maize & Agriculture Expo Asia 2014). In addition to showcasing the latest agricultural technologies and a wide range of agricultural-related products, the exhibition will also enable key personnel to initiate a spontaneous communication and exchange their thoughts on market trends as well as agricultural knowledge. Scheduled for 29-31 August 2014 at IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center, Hall 7-8, the exhibition is expected to attract a lot of trade visitors and key stakeholders from all over Asia.

ISRMAX Asia 2014 will mark its third consecutive year under the concept of “Modern Farmers Are Open-Minded.” More than 300 key players from Thailand, India, China, USA, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Germany and more will display their latest products at the show as well as exhibit pre and post-harvest operations and milling process of rice cultivation and pesticide products. New farming technologies and machinery including a great variety of devices with a wide range of different operations will surely bring a lot of effectiveness and productivity to agricultural businesses and take Thailand’s agricultural economy to the next level. The exhibition will also help the Thai government promote urban growth and stimulate the country’s overall agricultural distribution.