TCEB backs Thailand 4.O through exhibition industry

TCEB sets out an accelerated strategy to leverage international trade fairs business towards the era of Thailand 4.0 and rolls out Thailand remains the top rank as #1 in ASEAN from global exhibition arena.

BANGKOK, 27 January 2017: Mrs Supawan Teerarat, Vice President, Strategic and Business Development of TCEB revealed in the Thailand International Exhibitions & Events Forum or TIEEF 2017 that, TCEB as the key government organization to push MICE industry to drive the country towards stability, prosperity and sustainability to be competitive.

The exhibition sector generates significant economic impact for Thai society. Based on results of an economic impact study in 2015, the Thai MICE industry helped circulate total expenditure in the country's economic system of 220 billion baht, In the exhibition sector specifically, generated more than 53,000 million baht and more than 43,000 jobs were created.

“When the government announced a policy to embrace Thailand 4.0 the MICE industry has responded positively driven by innovation. TCEB has prepared an integrated plan for MICE that will stimulate the economy in order to In line with the national strategy spanning 20 years (BC. 2560-2579), the clear and doable objective is to create economic wealth and spread prosperity through innovation so all sectors can grow steadily, especially to highlight the key five industry, which are (1) Food Agriculture & Bio-Tech (2) Health Wellness & Bio Med (3) Smart Devices, Robotics Mechatronic (4) Digital IOT & Convergence (5) Creative Culture & High Value Services. This will lead to increased investment opportunities in each industry and the exchange of knowledge, development and innovation. The benefits are vast for developing countries in all aspects,” said Mrs Supawan.

TCEB’s Director of Exhibitions and Events, Mrs Jaruwan Suwannasat, noted that the overview of exhibitions industry drew 180,480 international exhibition delegates and earned a total of 15,686 million baht for the country in the fiscal year 2016. The performance will grow this year to around 208,000 international exhibition delegates, generating revenue for the country of around 18,000 million baht.

"TCEB has revised its strategic plan in order to shift exhibitions and events industry towards the valued-based economy and the three main shifts strategies are:

(1)    Increasing exhibition bids in specific markets supported by the government to draw more investment and exchange knowledge and introduce innovative elements;

(2)    Raising the supply chain standard in the exhibition sector, both hardware and software, which the bureau will do by marketing and connecting with targeted organisers;

(3)    Redeveloping a role as a leading provider of Big Data involving international exhibition events information for quick and easily access.

Thailand still ranks no.1 in ASEAN in terms of total exhibition space sold and there are several highlights of events in 2017 that in line with Thailand 4.0, which are;

  • Food and agriculture industry - Agritechnica Asia 2017 / ProPak Asia 2017 and SIMA ASEAN Thailand 2017.
  • Automotive industry - Intermach 2017 and Grand Metalex 2017.
  • Health and Wellness industry - Medical Fair Thailand 2017.
  • Infrastructure industry - Industry Wire & Tube Southeast Asia 2017.
  • Energy industry - ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2017.

This year, TCEB also launched the latest campaign EXHIBIZ IN MARKET to attract associations, private and public sectors (Pavilion leader) to host the events. The campaign is expected to increase international exhibition event space and draw more quality exhibitors to organise the events in Thailand.

In addition, the CONNECT Business campaign will tap to ASEAN+6 businessmen to join exhibition in Thailand.

The Be My Guest campaign will also attract buyers from around the world and the Premier Exhibition Access Program will provide facilities in various areas to exhibitors for making decision to organise the exhibition in Thailand, Mrs Jaruwan said.

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