DATE - TCEB has unveiled its 2014 MICE Intelligence scheme, aiming to expand upon a 3-year model that will lead to the development of a MICE database centre. The bureau recently joined hands with nine allies from the public and private sector in the formation of a Thai MICE database which will serve as a knowledge hub as well as support in terms of competitor analysis, human resources development and connection of the whole Thai MICE network. TCEB strongly believes the unity will reinforce marketing advantages and prepare Thailand for full implementation of the AEC.

Mr. Nopparat Maythaveekulchai, president of Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB, disclosed that, “As a state agency with a major role in the promotion of the meetings and exhibition industry, or MICE, TCEB recognises the importance of the development and betterment of the competitive advantages of the Thai MICE sector before it excels on a global stage. It is thus crucial to establish a systematic database for the analysis and planning of future developments and marketing promotions in an efficient manner, enabling Thai MICE to keep up with global MICE trends. In turn, excellent data analysis will also allow Thailand to realise factors affecting marketing operations in order to retain the country’s goal of promoting itself as the ideal destination for meetings and exhibitions in Asia.

In the development of the MICE database, TCEB has strictly followed the bureau’s key strategy of advancing the competitive advantages of Thai MICE infrastructure. Additionally, the bureau has also continued to implement the 3-year MICE database development model (2012-2014) which comprises four key strategies as follows: The development of a MICE database; The development of human resources and procedures related to MICE database management; The establishment of connections and coordination of MICE alliances, and lastly, the development of information technology systems, computer systems and communication network systems. These four strategies will serve as the framework for operations relating to overall MICE development, which in turn places TCEB firmly on the road to achieving the ultimate goal of excelling as the hub for Thai MICE database development.

In 2014, TCEB has allocated a budget of 19.9 million baht to operate the MICE Intelligence scheme that centres on conducting MICE-related research in order to extend services and create business opportunities for MICE entrepreneurs. This is achieved through offering knowledge in the forms of MICE Industry Reports and the TCEB Library, the latter of which will grow as an e-library to serve the MICE industry better in the future. In addition, MICE Intelligence will be improved, particularly in the area of content which will be made more intensive, while human resources are set to be richly trained to have more understanding in MICE by joining workshops with domestic and international institutes. Moreover, establishment of alliance connections specifically focusing on information and research will be initiated to exchange information useful for the MICE industry by following four key strategies.

1. Serving as the database hub for MICE entrepreneurs with 10 categories of information, including accommodation, meetings and exhibition venues, entrepreneurs, relevant associations, catering service providers, interpreters, tour agents, transportation service providers, contractors and a list of educational institutes with subjects related to MICE.

2. Conducting analysis of news, information and trends related to the MICE industry, including reporting the movements of competitors quarterly to support MICE entrepreneurs.

3. Serving as a library with a wide collection of publications relevant to the MICE industry, such as MICE business magazines, reports of the global MICE situation and trends, international and domestic statistics and research reports on MICE, directories of interesting meetings and exhibitions, etc.

4. Serving as the centre that shares information between alliances in the MICE industry.

In implementing the goal to make TCEB the centre of enriching information shared by alliances and members of the Thai MICE industry, TCEB recently signed an MOU with nine allies from the public and private sector, which include the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT), Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Public Organisation), International Institute for Trade and Development (ITD), E-saan Center for Business and Economic Research (ECBER), Thai Incentive and Convention Association (Thai), Thai Exhibition Association (Thai), Thai Hotels Association, Event Management Association and the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA). It is anticipated that this alliance will assist, connect, exchange and cooperate to disseminate information relevant to the MICE industry in order to escalate the competency of Thai MICE entrepreneurs.

The framework of the cooperation will focus on three key issues, including 1. Exchange of research reports and information, as well as linking up allies’ websites; 2. Providing assistance to guest speakers joining to share MICE knowledge with members and 3. Assisting each other in terms of promoting and following up feedback after coordination.

“TCEB expects that this collaboration will lead to the collection of knowledge and experience, as well as the creation of a useful database on the MICE industry, which covers all aspects necessary for marketing operations. In this way, MICE Intelligence will serve as an essential tool that helps to boost competitive advantages and as a reference source on Thai MICE for allies associated with the industry. In addition, MICE Intelligence also assists the public and private sector in planning and designing policies in the most fruitful way, resulting in readiness to compete fully once Thailand enters the era of full implementation of the AEC,” Mr. Nopparat concluded.

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