Thai Way x MICE Way Learn culture of sea dwellers, experience "old meets new" in the south

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The visual image of white sandy beaches and beautiful seas is what the southern region has attracted travellers worldwide and has brought fame to Thailand as being one of the countries having the most beautiful beaches and seas. However, amid the mesmerizing beauty of nature, there are also cultural beauty and community way of life harmonious within, which give this region a unique local identity for MICE travellers to explore and experience.

Starting with Phuket, the island is fully equipped with venues and facilities to organize all types of MICE activities. Phuket also has attractions suitable for group visit. For example, ‘Phuket Old Town’ is bustling with people, full of history, and the colours and beauty of architecture in the Sino-Portuguese style.  All of these perfectly blend between “old” and “new” in this town.

Not only the unique buildings and houses in the Phuket Old Town are beyond rare to see, but MICE travellers can also enjoyably visit restaurants, cafes, museums, and galleries that captivatingly tell the story of Phuket’s way of life. Moreover, you can contentedly join a wide variety of fun activities; learning how to play Guzheng, attending workshop of making stir-fry Hokkien Noodles in original Phuket style, or exploring and tasting Phuket’s famous local dishes like Thai Southern Style Braised Pork (Moo Hong) or Dim Sum.

Let’s move on from Phuket old town and get closer to the way of life of one local community full of unforgettable impression at ‘Baan Na Teen’, Ao Nang sub-district, Mueang district, Krabi. The Baan Na Teen community is an original Muslim community where still completely maintains the unique culture of Thai-Malay people. All MICE travellers can have a better understanding and gain a new experience from the coastal Muslim’s beautiful way of life even than before right here.

In The Baan Na Teen community, there are various MICE activities including learning about goat farming and goat-related customs, joining workshops to make batik clothes and products from coconut shells, making local desserts like Khanom Thum Phong and Khanom Ko, visiting and learning the rubber farmers’ lifestyle, and joining local fishing activities such as learning local fishing techniques using nets for squid and crab, specially taught by a local guide.

You can see now that local way of life in the southern region is extremely diverse and beyond fascinating and there are also many interesting MICE activities both in the city and local communities. So, MICE routes in the south are more than ready to welcome all MICE travellers to enjoy all kinds of MICE activities here.


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