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(APR22) Uniquely Thai

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Thailand is well-known for the “Uniquely Thai” which impresses the international MICE travellers whether it is the unique service and hospitality of people and Thai food. Discover new experiences in the unique way of life in terms of valuable traditions and local culture and plentiful nature. Besides, assorted MICE activities and events are available to fulfill all kinds of demand. It is a rare experience that can be discovered in Thailand only. Moreover, with the efficient provision of the world-class facility to organise MICE events and the diverse concept of the creative organisation under the uniqueness, Thailand is the destination that fulfills all demands for MICE.

1.  Thainess

Thailand possesses the cultural capital, which is the social capital of the country integrates local wisdom into the creative concepts of organising the diverse activities in various regions, and the excellent venues. For this reason, organising MICE events in Thailand interest the MICE travellers to visit and makes reputation to the country as the business events hub. Additionally, Thailand has an outstanding identity in terms of the potential to organise various activities e.g. historical and cultural activities, adventure, team-building, social activities, green meetings, etc.    

  • Respect & Humility and Deference to our Elders is a key component of Thai society and one that is often remarked upon by foreign visitors. The expressions of deference and respect from the younger generations towards their elders indicates a deep respect for the traditions and wisdom imbued in families and across society at large. It reflects the virtues of politeness and morals valued by the people of Thailand.
  • Appreciation and Expressing Gratitude are virtues important to Thai society. The value of the family as role models and mentors encourages a society that lives together in peace and harmony; that shares a common love and unity that connects all members of Thai society.
  • Compromise & Flexibility and a distaste for conflict allow for peaceful co-existence for all people, with an openness to the opinions of others, both from within the country and the opinions and differences of foreigners. 
2.  Thailand Only

  • The Songkran Festival is the traditional New Year festival in Thailand. Songkran has been celebrated since the Ayutthaya period of Thai history, and is usually celebrated from the 13-15 April. Songkran’s importance spans Thai society, and families traditionally get together to celebrate, whether by joining the fun in splashing water on others, offering water blessings to the head of elders, or by undertaking activities beneficial to the community and society through making merit, performing good deeds, or giving alms at the temple.
  • Thai is the national language of Thailand and is unique in Thai culture. It is an important tool for society and the nation in the study, collection, creation, and communication of all kinds of arts and sciences, as well as enhancing the independence of the country. It remains a source of national pride and in its distinctive tones and rhythms reflects the personality of the people.
  • Thai Silk is unique to Thailand and a core component of Thailand’s cultural heritage. Thai silk has an identity that is distinctively different from other silks – it can be smooth and shiny, fluffy and soft, or weighty. Some Thai silks can be knotty as a result of the meticulous manufacturing process. Nowadays, the magnificence of Thai silk is recognised and appreciated across the globe. Thai silks can be classified as mudmee, Praewa, kled tao (turtle scale), or other types depending on the pattern, colour, and weave.

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3. Local Community

  • Chulabhorn Pattana 9 Community, Yala province was the 2021 recipient of the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Kinnaree Award which is awarded to communities involved in the development of Thai tourism. The community is located in a valley surrounded by a stunning natural habitat and features a museum displaying historical artifacts, utensils, and armaments from the area; a monument in honour of past political heroes; the nearby pristine Hala-Bala Forest; nature trails with stream-traversing suspension bridges, stunning waterfalls; and transcendental morning mists. The local villagers also cultivate fruit orchards offering the most delicious seasonal produce to visitors. 

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Credit: Page: Chulabhorn Pattana 9 Community, Yala province

  • The ‘Farang Area of Bangkok’ lies along both banks of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok and tells the story of the foreigners and western nations who played key roles in the foreign affairs, culture, and trade during the reign of King Rama VI in the early Rattanakosin period. It lays out the pathways that helped lead to the current social and economic prosperity of the nation. It begins riverside in front of the Ratchathiwat Vihara Temple, and continues on past the Santa Cruz Church, the Kudeejeen community, Kalawar (Holy Rosary) Church, the Talat Noi branch of the Siam Commercial Bank, and on to the Assumption Church. 
  • Ban Nam Cham Community, San Kamphaeng district, Chiang Mai province is surrounded by the lush greenery of forests and fertile fields. Ban Nam Cham enjoys stunning weather year-round and visitors are offered the opportunity to stay in a community homestay to really enjoy an intimate taste of the humble lives of the locals – a taste that includes a traditional local breakfast of snakehead fish,  jor pakkard curry, khae curry, ho curry, steamed chicken wrap, or other popular Northern dishes like khao soi or khanom jeen nam ngiao, before joining activities with the locals that might include learning how to do a muay thai dance, a fon jeng dance, playing puja drums, learning how to make traditional sweets, or tie-dye fabrics, or even taking to the fields and receiving instruction on how to plough with a friendly water buffalo. The community is just one of those participating in the Thailand Village Academy cultural learning project for youth, organised by the Ministry of Culture. 

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