Services at the airport

Our welcome begins even before you arrive

A Smooth Process Ensured

TCEB strives to make every part of your journey a pleasant one. Our team will assist your guests and yourself with administrative and logistical support to guide you through the airport with ease. With extended help during the planning phase, our welcome begins before you even arrive.

Service Before Arrival

Service Before Arrival


TCEB will coordinate with Department of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help expedite the visa process for business travelers.


TCEB will provide information and advice on customs procedures for shipping goods into and out of Thailand for business events.

Service Upon Arrival

Service Upon Arrival

Fast Track Service

An exclusive service provided by TCEB to expedite the immigration process to ensure a comfortable experience for the VIP business travellers from arrival to departure.

Personal welcome at the airport.

  • Health control checking facilitation for those required.
  • Visa on Arrival application.
  • Priority Lane to skip the lines.
  • Immigration and baggage claim accompaniment for a seamless process.
  • Documentation checking for those importing use of goods for events.
  • Signage display for your business event to welcome guests.

Here’s How

  • Organiser to complete the necessary MICE Lane form and return to us at at least 7 days before delegates’ arrival.
  • A confirmation from the MICE Lane team will be sent via email for the application.
  • TCEB will issue the Immigration Bureau a letter to expedite the process.
  • MICE Lane team will facilitate the rest of the required services.

service at the airport

For more information, please contact us or the TCEB Information Counter in front of Baggage Claim Belt 18.