TCEB joins forces with associates to organise the MICE occupational standards enhancement project that embraces the entire structure, ranging from electrician occupational standards to MICE management and administration that meet international standards. Serving the bolstering of economy in line with Thailand 4.0 model, the project encourages participation using human-centric approaches to promote competitiveness of Thai MICE on both Asian and international arenas.     

Mr. Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya, President, Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB, disclosed that Thai government has formulated the “Thailand 4.0” model to serve its national development policy by engaging innovations designed on the basis of knowledge, creativity and uses of new technology to drive the economy. Meanwhile, the United Nations has determined sustainable development as the ultimate goal to secure an all-encompassing and equal education for everyone, which corresponds to the 12th economic and social development plan (2017-2021) that places human at the core of participatory development in regard to promote the nation’s competitiveness.  

TCEB has planned the development scheme for MICE personnel in 2 levels, including local and international scales. First, the development of local occupational standards involves collaboration with the Department of Skill Development, Ministry of Labour, Thai Exhibition Association, Business of Creative and Event Management Association and Thailand Incentive and Convention Association, under which the national skill standards for profession electrician in electronics and computer and electrician for MICE were established. Recently, the Labour Minister has approved the announcement as published in the government gazette after the Skill Development Promotion Committee determined the national skill standards for Profession electrician in electronics and computer and Electrician for MICE (Meetings Incentives Conventions Exhibitions). Thailand is hence the first country in the world to establish the national skill standards for MICE personnel, having the Electrician for MICE as the first field of expertise.  

Unveiling opportunities for Thai skilled workers to receive recognition and determining the skill standards for MICE personnel on an international scale are highly important. Currently, free trade has allowed foreigners to run more MICE businesses in Thailand, inevitably bringing with them foreign contractors. Major revenue sources have stemmed from exhibition spaces and accommodation, while other possible revenue has been diminished, including either labour, booth design and construction or electrical management. Further, Thai MICE entrepreneurs have lost the opportunities to reap new knowledge and understanding in international event operations. 

TCEB President further said that beside skill standards, TCEB also aims to connect occupational standards with educational standards within the scope of national professional qualification. Heralded with the signing of co-operation agreement on 8 August 2019 to develop individual capabilities with professional qualification system, TCEB has agreed to collaborate with the Thailand Professional Qualification Institute (Public Organization) or TPQI to encourage the evaluation of individual performance according to occupational standards in regard to cultivate MICE professionals. 

Meanwhile, TCEB has joined hands with Thailand Incentive and Convention Association, Business of Creative and Event Management Association, and Thai Exhibition Association to design courses in Thai language that meet national standards in order to enhance skill standards of Thai entrepreneurs, especially in different regions, to tackle international competition. For example, the Thailand Incentive Travel Professional -TITP, the Event Professional. There are also two other courses under formulation, including professional exhibition and professional conference.

Second, the development of international occupational standards involves the import of international certifications under the copyright of international MICE associations. For example, the Certified in Exhibition Management, which is the copyright and certified by the International Association of Exhibitions and Events – IAEE. Currently, there are 147 certified professionals or more in Thailand, ranking the 1st in ASEAN and the 3rd in Asia, respectively. 

There is also the Certified Incentive Travel Professional, under the copyright of the Society of Incentive Travel Excellence –SITE, in which there are 138 certified professionals or more in Thailand, ranking the 1st in Asia. Furthermore, the Sustainability Event Professional is also available under the copyright of the Events Industry Council – EIC, which has produced up to 126 certified Thai specialists and is the largest number, making Thailand rank atop among all countries. The Certified Meeting Professional, under the copyright of Meeting Professionals International – MPI, has currently registered 13 certified specialists or more in Thailand. 

 “Our collaboration with prominent associates to advance the skill standard development project for MICE professionals of all levels, which is now in decent progress, serves as a key force that drives Thai MICE to fly higher with stability and sustainability.” concluded Mr. Chiruit.

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