November 13, 2018: Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB joins hands with Pattaya City to hasten the implementation of Thailand MICE Venue Standards (TMVS) as key strategy for the development of MICE City, as well as to leverage the quality and MICE-related services in the east, especially the TMVS for Special Event Venue Category in regard to serve business growth according to the EEC scheme. 

Mr. Sontaya Kunplome, Mayor of Pattaya City, said that Pattaya City is a famous tourist destination. It is a modern beach town with diversity and consistent growth of economy and society. As the economic and tourism centre of the east and Thailand, Pattaya City has natural attractions, places of business, hotels and shopping centres that offer potentiality to serve large-scale convention, trade show and exhibition. For this reason, Pattaya has formulated the strategy for the development of Pattaya City as “MICE City”, which is in sync with the 2nd Pattaya City Development Plan that expects to encourage Pattaya to grow as a world-class economic city and tourist destination, as well as the metropolitan of innovation

Mrs. Orachorn Wongpan-Ngam, Director of MICE Capabilities Department of Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB, mentioned that Thailand MICE Venue Standards (TMVS) has been developed basing on the standards that relate to national and regional MICE businesses. It is therefore a vital strategy that helps to promote and leverage the service and quality of MICE venues in Thailand. In the east, Pattaya is considered a city with the highest number of TMVS-certified entrepreneurs, which totalled 26 venues that include 25 convention rooms and 1 exhibition venue. This can be used as a key selling point to attract international MICE events. Teaming up with advanced technology and impressive services, this has become a supporting factor for achieving the efficient holding of MICE events and successful results.          
“Pattaya City is considered a MICE City with rapid growth. There has been an increasing number of MICE-related premises, which include hotels, restaurants and convention centres. This has fallen into place with The Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) Development Plan under scheme of Thailand 4.0 for which Thai government has formulated to promote the nation’s sustainable growth in the long run. Hence, TCEB has to hasten the implementation of TMVS along with the enhancement of venues in order for MICE premises to comply with MICE venue standards, basing on quality, ranging from Meeting Room Category, Exhibition Venue Category to Special Event Venue Category.”  
Altogether, TCEB has continued to hold workshops in venue assessment for TMVS for MICE entrepreneurs in Pattaya City. For MICE venues that are successfully certified with TMVS, TCEB will proceed to improve their members of personnel to achieve proficiency in MICE venue management with Venue Management Course (VMC) by which Class 1 has already completed with a total of 30 attendees from Pattaya City. The workshop will run until 2022 in regard to secure qualified MICE personnel who are genuinely proficient in MICE venue management for Pattaya City in a successive and sustainable way.   
With regard to implement the promotion of MICE venues with TMVS certification, TCEB will produce a directory that compiles the list of TMVS-certified venues and submit to public and private sectors. In addition, the lists will be published overseas through upcoming marketing activities. There is also the production of TMVS mark for which TCEB already held the presentation ceremony for TMVS-certified venues in order to create awareness, implement marketing promotion and enhance the image of MICE venues in Pattaya City.     
Mr. Pongpol Mekavarakul, General Manager of Cape Dara Resort Pattaya, said that the TMVS certification ensures that our meeting facilities have met international standards for the holding of events. This helps to add confidence in terms of quality for Thai MICE entrepreneurs among Thai and foreign business groups. Moreover, corporate meetings and tourism markets have been expanded, especially those in Asia, Europe, America and Oceania, respectively. Public image of Thailand as an ideal destination for MICE will be enhanced, both on national and regional scales. 
“Our resort is highly proud and pleased to have passed the assessment and been certified with TMVS, and finally became a part of TCEB’s endeavour to respond to the government’s policy to attract MICE travellers from overseas markets into Thailand. The meeting room at Cape Dara Resort Pattaya is capable of providing a full scale service. With rooms that can cater from 10 to 700 people, the facility is completely equipped with equipment necessary for meeting attendees, be it light and sound or professional staff. Special features of Vela Grand Ballroom, which is Cape Dara Resort’s main meeting room, are the width of 577 square metres, the ceiling height of 7.2 metres and the ambience of meeting room boasting day light and magnificent views of the Gulf of Thailand. Travelling to join a meeting at Cape Dara Resort from other provinces and neighbouring countries is much easier thanks to flights that connect cities in Thailand with other MICE Cities, including Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Pattaya (U-Tapao).”         
“After having received the TMVS certification, Cape Dara Resort Pattaya has noticed an increasing number of customers who are foreigners and business travellers, as well as representatives of tourism bureaus from different countries. TMVS certification is hence a key element for building confidence. The mark has played more role in affecting customer’s decisions to choose our venue. For example, a flagship event held by Qatar Airways on their debut of flights to U-Tapao Airport.”  
Ms Malisa Lutzi, Assistant Sales Manager, Royal Cliff Hotels Group and Pattaya Exhibition & Convention Hall or PEACH, disclosed that TMVS is a mark that helps to guarantee a particular venue has met international standards and suited the holding of several types of events by which will contribute to long-term prosperity of MICE business and win over a global recognition. PEACH has received the TMVS certification, which reflects distinctive standards and services of our convention facility, as well as our reputation as one of the most popular world-class convention centres. As well, TMVS verifies the capabilities of our team members who are genuine professionals and are superbly capable of responding to various demands with our convenient, modernised and comprehensive facilities. All of which will bring customer confidence in our venue quality, which meet international standards, thanks to the TMVS certification.              
“PEACH has been well known for our readiness as a MICE venue with international standards certified with TMVS. Meanwhile, Pattaya City has currently been reinforced to serve as one among the three key provinces under the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) to bolster the development of surrounding districts of the Eastern Seaboard for which will leverage the country’s competitiveness. As a strategic location of ASEAN, Pattaya City has undergone a full-scale convergence of development with businesses of all sectors, such as logistics, transportation, food, airlines, human resources, etc., to ensure our readiness to create new forms of events that will impress and attract MICE business people to Pattaya City.”  
Mr. Kampon Tansacha, President of Nong Nooch Pattaya, stated that Nongnooch Tradition Hall (NTH) is another convention facility in Pattaya with TMVS certification in the Meeting Room Category. With 3,000-SQM spaces that can be divided into three 1,000-SQM rooms, plus 5 more meeting rooms, our venue just received TMVS certification early this year after the launch at the end of 2017. However, statistics after our TMVS certification pointed out that the number of customers has kept increasing compared to the first half of the year, with the number of events doubled in the latter half of 2018 or since June 2018, to be specific.  

This year, we have applied for TMVS certification in 3 categories, including Meeting Room, Exhibition Venue and Special Event Venue. Clearly, our attempts have proved our readiness in all categories. Furthermore, our formulation of future strategy and the quality of staff have enabled us to successfully implement the vision. TMVS certification in all categories reflects the pride we have in our team members. We are highly pleased to have joined this visionary project initiated by TCEB.     
“In 2019, TCEB will continue to pursue our endeavours to enhance the potentiality of Pattaya City by collaborating with The Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) Development Plan for the reinforcement of MICE through 6 key projects. These include: 1. The development of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) with regard to serve Thailand’s new MICE districts; 2. Supporting projects with the objective to continually attract international conference, trade show and exhibition into the districts to respond to the Thailand 4.0 vision; 3. Establishment of ASEAN MICE institution as the centre for assessment of MICE standards, learning of MICE and MICE skill tests; 4. Establishment of the ecosystem that contributes to the growth of MICE which integrates collaboration with public and private sectors and educational institutions; 5. Project with the objective to encourage investment of MICE infrastructure; and 6. Project with the objective to encourage participation of communities by highlighting tourist destinations and local products to serve the growth of Thai MICE.” concluded TCEB Director of MICE Capabilities Department.
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