Trade promoter workshop in Haiphong begins TCEB's campaign to increase Vietnamese involvement at exhibitions in Thailand

30 November 2016 / Haiphong, Vietnam – The Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) is heading to the port city of Haiphong to consolidate interest in Thailand among Vietnamese businesses and associations.

Haiphong is one of the primary economic centres of the Red River Delta, a favourable geographic location that gives it significance in terms of contribution to the Vietnamese economy. The province is also home to one of the largest ports in Vietnam.

During the event, Mrs. Jaruwan Suwannasat, Exhibitions and Events Director of TCEB, will speak on the topic: Exhibitions in Thailand: Expand Your Vibrant Business Opportunities in ASEAN, a core element of TCEB’s promotional campaign in South East Asia. Both Thailand and Vietnam’s trade connections with other countries in the region have expanded as a result of the formation of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC); a common market with an economy valued at US 2.4 trillion.

It will also form the latest part of TCEB's well-known CONNECT Businesses campaign, and marks the first time TCEB has promoted and launched its EXHIBIZ IN MARKET Campaign; a drive towards expanding exhibition space at events in Thailand. TCEB expects this initiative will increase the quality of Vietnamese exhibitors by strengthening relationships with Vietnamese pavilion leaders, associations, chambers of commerce, federations and non-profit organizations.

“Exhibitions of course play a key role in facilitating trade and export between countries. With the TCEB Trade Promoter Workshop in Vietnam, the bureau hopes to achieve growth in international visitors by bringing together key agencies and industry associations from the country,” said Suwannasat.

“In 2016, the country expects to welcome 208,000 international exhibition delegates, generating a total of US 500 million. With the Exhibitions in Thailand : Expand Your Vibrant Business Opportunities in ASEAN campaign, TCEB hopes to  further assist and facilitate the demands of international exhibition professionals looking to build their business in Thailand.” she concluded.

Vietnam is one of the world's leading exporters of tea, rubber and fishery products. Recent land reforms mean agriculture in general is big business in Vietnam. It is now the world’s leading producer of cashew nuts and black pepper, and second largest in the world behind Thailand in the export of rice, and second only to Brazil in terms of coffee production.

However, the county's rapidly developing economy means agriculture is now being outstripped by other developing industries including significant investment in robotics.

It is already an active participant in Thailand's trade shows, contributing 6.63 per cent of total overseas visitors in 2010-2015, visitors who according to a recent TCEB audit, paid greatest interest to the Food & Agriculture sector (48%), Automotive (24.8%) and Health & Wellness (10.35%).

The top Thai exhibitions for the Vietnamese market, in terms of attendance, are currently VIV Asia, Food Ingredients Asia, T-PLAS and ProPak Asia, which account for 51 per cent of Vietnam's total visitors in 2015.

However, TCEB hopes to build on these numbers with its forum in Haiphong in December. Established in 2004, the bureau works on behalf of the Thai government to develop the country's exhibitions and MICE events, working as a strategic partner to drive growth, elevate quality standards and inspire creativity in the industry. It offers a range of advisory services and support packages to contribute to the success and productivity of business events held in Thailand.

Under this remit, TCEB has created a global outreach programme to build collaboration across the globe, generating new business opportunities and laying the foundations for long-term, sustainable industry growth. The bureau is also charged with strengthening the perception and positioning Thailand as the exhibition platform for ASEAN and the Greater Mekong Sub-Region marketplace.

In addition to Thailand’s incentive programs for Vietnamese stakeholders and to fully facilitate exhibition visitors, Spice Up Your Business Agenda, an online program designed for business travelers to gain utmost experience in Thailand through special privileges for restaurants and leisure.

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