Thailand Avails Japan in Mega-Events & Festivals Sector Advancing Mutual Benefit for Economic Vitality

Tokyo/ The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau or TCEB organised its gov-ernment-back Mega-Events & Festival Business Forum and Matching in Tokyo, Ja-pan, aimed at vowing the Japanese business professionals with new business po-tential in the shining and rising mega-events and festivals industry where today the country has aggressively promote its service sector globally.

Mrs. Supawan Teerarat, Vice President of TCEB reveals that “In the presence day of the global economic competition, the mega-events & festivals are becoming more benefits to the country that enable significant impacts on economic development both in financial and not directly financial. Hosting major events has been a successful strategy for a wide range of cities around the world also in Thailand. Thailand today emerges as a country with great potential in leading a mega-events and festivals. The country is ready in terms of strategic location given its status as a gateway to the ASEAN region. The success of mega-events & festivals stems from its cultural contexts, modern infrastructures, venues with international standards and facilities, as well as the strength of the private sector and the collaboration of the public sector.”

The bilateral relationship between Thailand and Japan is excellent and developed to the point. Since the Thailand Economic Partnership Agreement (JTEPA) came into force in 2007 which is comprehensive, covering trade in goods and services, investments, intellectual property rights, agriculture, competition policy and etc, Japan is today one of Thailand’s foremost economic partners and is Thailand’s biggest foreign investor, and our second largest trade partner with the bilateral trade turnover in 2015 surpassing 51 billions USD.

Thailand and Japan have close cooperation in various areas which encompass not only trade, investment and cultural exchange, but also political and security interaction in the international arena. Thailand looks forward to expanding its trade even further through bilateral cooperation in other key areas such as mega-events and festivals.

“Thailand plays an active role is driving the change in ASEAN structure and its operation to be in line with the changing regional and global context. The role of Thailand has extended beyond ASEAN stage and the country is now playing an increasingly crucial role in the world stage. Thailand determines to be the centre of logistics, production and transporta-tion of Asia where will become more lucrative for Japanese businesses to expand their business potentials to ASEAN market” added Mrs. Supawan.

To host this Mega-Events & Festivals Business Forum and Matching, Thailand aims to bridge more mutual tie with Japan in Mega Events & Festivals sector. Promote the digital and creative economy and lay a foundation so that the digital and creative sector can seri-ously move forward in Thailand. While the Japanese government also extents its strong support to the export of events to promote arts and culture.

The Mega-Events and Festivals Business Forum and Matching is conducted in part-nership with the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) to promote the business opportunities in Thailand and ASEAN region through the mega-events and festivals platform. TCEB also brings to-gether with Bangkok ACM SIGGRAPH Association (BASA) to prevail the potential of entertainment business in Thailand and ASEAN especially in Comic Con, Animation and Toys.

During the event, TCEB lends its exclusive offers to lure Japanese Festivals and Events Organisers who plan to co-create and joint venture to conduct to festivals and events in Thailand with local Thai partners under its “J-Plan in Thailand” package. The new Japa-nese creation and co-creation festivals and events will be rewarded with the Feasibility study, Government & private linkage, International promotion programme in ASEAN mar-ket, Research audit for post event evaluation and Fast Track at Suvarnabhumi Airport for VIP guests.

Supawan revealed during the business forum that “TCEB has a local promotion name: J-Plan in Thailand for Japanese stakeholders to co-create a festival or mega-event with Thai partners. Thailand continues to develop high-quality mega-events and festivals products and services, complemented by modern infrastructure, convenient connectivity and strong government support and of course our 4 strength industries including music and enter-tainment, arts & culture, creative and sport industry. This year, we approach Japanese stakeholders with Entertainment industry by bringing together with the BASA to promote the Japanese collaboration for our Bangkok Entertainment Week, the largest event in the digital content and entertainment.”

“TCEB is also committed to work closely with key strategic partners to propose the visitor numbers and visitor quality, content and event quality, public partnership and integrated marketing, and industry intelligence report. This provides the fundamentals to develop a sustainable growth to the country’s mega-events and festivals sectors while ensuring the events success. We are confident that from this active steps of co-creations, we will further enhance and expand our collaboration into other industries in the near future” left Mrs. Supawan.

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