Bangkok – 28 January 2016: Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB responds to the government’s policy to boost national economy, revealing the 3-dimension strategy designed to multiply revenue, enhance image and develop collaboration. For the first time, Thailand Extra Exhibition was launched at TIEEF 2016 with the aspiration to drive Thailand to grow as the arena of international trade shows of ASEAN.

Mrs. Supawan Teerarat, Vice President, Strategic and Business Development, TCEB disclosed that the operation of international trade show industry in 2016 will centre around reinforcing the international trade show industry as key device that helps to strengthen national economy through the implementation of 3D strategy which embraces increasing revenue, enhancing image and developing collaboration.

“TCEB’s plan was designed in line with the government’s policy, particularly the national strategy which emphasises building a strong foundation for national development with sustainability through the improvement and escalation of revenue from tourism and service sector for it is expected that the revenue of Thailand will reach 2.3 trillion baht by 2016. Additionally, the role of Thailand will be promoted as the country is gearing toward ASEAN community. National advancement will be driven along with the upgrades of capabilities of several industries, as well as commerce and investment in order for Thai economy to grow with sustainability and fairness.”

Dimension of Revenue – TCEB expects to increase revenue into economic system by raising the number of organisers, visitors and events in 5 key industries, including automobile, energy, food and agriculture, health and infrastructure industry.

Dimension of Image Enhancement – Thailand will be enabled to grow as the stage of ASEAN’s international trade shows through the campaign namely ‘Thailand Extra Exhibition…Expand Your Business Opportunities in ASEAN’ which is a new market positioning for international trade show industry of Thailand. Key highlights include the strength of Thailand in various dimensions that can answer every demand with value and extra benefits gained from visiting and organising international trade shows in Thailand.

Dimension of Promotion of Collaboration of Public and Private Sectors – Various industries will be driven toward sustainable growth. Within next year, TCEB will expand the collaboration with 5 prospective ministries, including industry, energy, agriculture and cooperatives, public health and transport, in the development of trade shows by 5 prospective industries.

Simultaneously, the bureau will mobilise the promotion of international festivals and events through 3 strategies. First, ‘Win’ that involves bidding of the right to hold events involving 4 economic segments in which Thailand has strong capabilities, including Entertainment, Art & Culture, Creative & Lifestyle and Tourism & Sport. Second, ‘Promote’ that will highlight the readiness of Thailand in the holding of events using integrated approach via domestic and foreign media. Third, ‘Develop’ that focuses on creating opportunities and networking for the holding of international festivals and events between cities and countries, as well as promoting uniqueness of events held in different locations, such as Chiang Mai as the city of Art & Culture, Bangkok as the city of Creativity and Lifestyle, Khon Kaen as the city of Entertainment, Pattaya and Buriram as the city of sport.

Mrs. Jaruwan Suwannasart, Director of Exhibition and Event of TCEB, added that TCEB will launch the 2016’s marketing campaign for trade show segment called ‘Thailand Extra Exhibition...Expand Your Business Opportunities in ASEAN’ for the first time at Thailand International Exhibitions & Events Forum (TIEEF 2016). Held to create capability and image of Thailand as the stage of Asia’s trade shows, the event emphasises the collaboration between domestic and foreign alliances with the aim to develop and create strength for Thai MICE industry. Approximately 400 entrepreneurs from domestic and international trade show industry are expected to join the event.

Under the ‘Thailand Extra Exhibition...Expand Your Business Opportunities in ASEAN’ campaign, TCEB will continue to promote the strength of Thailand in 3 aspects, including destinations, businesses and people. Thailand is taking its place as a regional connectivity capital, offering an ultimate ASEAN market place. The country has now become the centre of Asia linking with the region that is considered emerging markets, including ASEAN Community, Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) and Cambodia-Laos-Myanmar-Vietnam (CLMV). In addition, Thailand’s connections and collaboration with other countries have further improved and trade has expanded, which complement to the 5 core highlight industries of exhibition including food & agriculture, automotive, energy, health & wellness, and infrastructure. As well, an exhibition platform in Thailand will enhance business connections to create new milestones, and strong business links alongside integration with local industry professionals and alliances.

Furthermore, TCEB has designed marketing promotional packages to encourage the decision to join trade shows in Thailand as follows: Connect Businesses to support visitors in conducting business matching at trade shows held in Thailand / Be My Guest to support the accommodation for potential buyers / Premier Exhibitions Access Service to support the holding of comprehensive programme for organisers showing their interest to hold trade shows in Thailand, i.g. 1) Arrangement of survey of event venues 2) Primary research for industry 3) Appointment with representatives of public and private sectors involving specific requirements of each organiser.

TCEB expects that the fiscal year 2016 will see the increase of MICE travellers and revenue by 5% or equal to 1,060,000 million MICE travellers which could generate 92,000 million baht revenue. From the aforementioned figure, the number of MICE travellers joining international trade shows will total at 191,000 which could generate 15,650 million baht revenue which accounted for 17% of overall MICE revenue.


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