TCEB SHOWCASES ASEAN MICE AGENDA Driving Thailand’s MICE Venue Standard Towards Regional Adoption

Bangkok, 27 March 2014 – The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (public Organization) or TCEB revealed nine strategic platforms to drive the ASEAN MICE industry forward, leveraging multifaceted collaboration among a strong public and private sector network. Aiming to transform business competitors into industry companions, and providing an ASEAN centric stage for knowledge sharing, the ASEAN Networking on MICE: Public and Private Partnership also highlighted the Thailand MICE Venue Standard (TMVS), a pioneering capacity development project from TCEB, presented for region-wide adoption. The collaborative efforts from ASEAN MICE counterparts were expected to help showcase ASEAN as a preferred destination for MICE travelers from around the world.

Mr Nopparat Maythaveekulchai, president of the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB revealed that, “Real challenges are presented for our industry as Thailand moves towards the ASEAN Economic Community or AEC next year. TCEB foresees the importance of the MICE industry as an integral part of the development of the economy within the region and we also work closely with our industry partners to drive the ASEAN MICE agenda. In line with this direction, we are developing a strategic marketing and development plan, in line with the ASEAN Business Travel Marketing Strategy, which comprises of nine strategic platforms including 1) Trade Strategy 2) Funding Strategy 3) Brand Strategy 4) Client Facilitation Strategy 5) Dispersal Strategy 6) Intra ASEAN Strategy 7) Short Haul Market Strategy 8) Integrated Marketing Strategy and 9) Market Segmentation Strategy. In addition, TCEB has extended ASEAN collaboration and presented to the ASEAN Tourism Forum to host the ASEAN Networking on MICE: Public and Private Partnership, from 26-29 April 2014. It is expected to provide an opportunity for both public and private sector players to share an open dialogue to further propel and strengthen our ASEAN MICE sector as a whole.”

“The meeting of ASEAN MICE and Tourism agencies in Thailand is in accordance with the ASEAN Business Travel Marketing Strategy. Thailand is pushing towards three key strategic platforms including 1) Trade Strategy by leveraging ASEAN MICE marketing support and collaboration 2) Intra ASEAN Strategy by discussing efforts to win global events for the region and to stimulate repeat business through the rotation of major events within the region; and 3) Brand and Client Facilitation Strategies by showcasing the performance of Thailand’s MICE Industry and success in pioneering the region’s standard on MICE. Today, the Thailand MICE Venue Standard is a foundation for the development of the ASEAN MICE Venue Standard, which TCEB has already presented to the Forum, and is now under consideration by member countries. The ASEAN Tourism Forum is also in the process of developing Competency Standards for MICE Tourism Professionals in three occupations such as Event Registration Specialist, On Site Event Specialist and Liaison Officer Specialist, and Thailand is well equipped to coordinate with all counterparts on this matter. Above all, we are looking to provide added value to MICE products and venue services, while co-creating the ASEAN MICE brand for the region,” Mr Nopparat added.

The ASEAN Business Travel Marketing Strategy also highlighted the future growth potential for MICE in ASEAN that in 2012, ASEAN has welcomed more than 87 million tourists, of which 46 per cent are from within ASEAN countries. Also, it is expected that total tourism arrivals in ASEAN are forecast to grow to 118.63 million by 2017. This is an increase of 35 per cent over 2012 arrivals. If MICE were to contribute in a similar proportion to current levels that would equate to 12 million arrivals in 2017. Significantly given the higher yield of this segment, this could represent close to 20 per cent of total tourism revenue, given the MICE delegates’ higher per diem spend than leisure tourists.

Future growth for MICE in ASEAN will be driven by three factors including 1) Intra ASEAN travel: It is generally recognized that the ASEAN region is its own best source market. The advent of the AEC with related visa free developments and improved transport linkages will only ensure in future year that Intra ASEAN MICE travel will continue to grow and account for a large market share of total arrivals into the region. 2) Short Haul trading partners: Proximity to large and growing Asian markets, such as China (PRC) and India, and high-yield markets, such as Japan, Chinese Taipei, Korea (ROK), and Australia deliver excellent potential for ASEAN. In 2012 combined tourism arrivals from these markets into ASEAN was 15.349 million, and this has the potential to grow in excess of 20 million by 2017. 3) Increased repeat traffic (retention and dispersal):  Improved collaboration between ASEAN partners can increase the retention of events and clients within the region and in doing so increase length of stay; repeat business through the rotation of major events within the region; and dispersal from the key city hubs through increased pre and post touring.

Another highlight from the ASEAN Networking on MICE: Public and Private Partnership will be the keynote speakers, Mr. Eddy Krismeidi Soemawilaga, Senior Officer, ASEAN Secretariat, on “Policy and Direction on Promoting ASEAN MICE Potential”, a panel discussion among public and private sector players including the Thailand Incentive and Convention Association (TICA), Thai Exhibition Association (TEA), and ASEAN Secretariat, and representatives from ASEAN member countries. In addition, participants will also have a chance to experience Thailand’s MICE industry by visiting IMPACT Muang Thong Thani and joining some of the leading exhibitions in Thailand such as the 35th Bangkok International Motor Show 2014, Thai Franchise & SME Expo 2014, Thailand Bakery & Ice Cream 2014, Thailand Coffee, Tea and Drink 2014, Thailand Bike and Vehicle 2014, The 2nd Print Tech Asia 2014 and The 5th Office Fair. 

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