MICE supporting Healthcare Industry to Promote Thailand as the Medical and Wellness Hub

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Medical and Wellness Tourism is an activity where travellers are not only able to receive medical or wellness treatment but also can participate in activities or enjoy a trip in their destinations. Visitors who travel for enjoying medical and wellness tourism spend 80,000-120,000 baht per capita and that means this group of travellers can create huge economic value for a country of destination. Currently, Thailand is also one of the top-ranked destinations for travellers who are interested in medication and wellness.

After the COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand is stably getting better and most of citizens are fully vaccinated, the government continues to support and drive Thailand to become “The World’s Medical and Wellness Hub” in order to accommodate travellers from every corner of the world who visit Thailand for wellness while relaxing or engaging in activities. Moreover, supporting Thailand to be medical and wellness hub will contribute to economic revitalization and income distribution in each region.

Under the government policy, “One Ministry One Expo”, TCEB cooperates with Ministry of Public Health by Department of Service Support, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), and Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth) to create a national MICE event as a platform by organizing “Thailand International Health Expo 2022” on 20-23 January 2022, at the Royal Paragon Hall, 5th floor of Siam Paragon. So, the attendees will get to expand their knowledge and business opportunities internationally in this event and we also aim to create confidence on both Thais and foreigners about Thailand’s readiness, potential, advanced medication and public health of Thailand as being the world’s medical and wellness hub.

“Thailand International Health Expo 2022” will be organized in the form of Hybrid Expo which is divided into 2 types of the event.

1. On Ground Event: Throughout the four-day event, safety protocols will be strictly adhered in accordance with public health and the organization standards or COVID Free Setting. Many interesting activities will be arranged such as medication and health discussion, Academic Conference attended by the World Health Organization (WHO)representatives, Medical conferences which Continuing Medical Education (CME) can be earned, and the Friendly Design exhibition for everyone. Also, there are free public health service for attendees such as acupuncture, health checkup, Thai traditional medicine, Thai herbs, and COVID-19 vaccination at the event.

2. Online Event: The event will be organized in these types: virtual exhibition, electronic market place (E-Market Place), online business matching, and international webinar. All of which can support the organizers and attendees around the world.

The venue is transformed into a health park having space to exchange their knowledge and information on medication and public health which will increase medical and public health personnel’s explicit knowledge and be useful for further improvement on their works. Furthermore, this event will be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs in healthcare business in Thailand to expand their network globally and it is also a huge chance for people to get their hands on product and get access to services, technologies, also knowledge. It is expected that there will be at least 50,000 attendees participating in both on ground and online events and the event will generate circulation of over 100 million baht revenues in Thailand economy.

Additionally, TCEB is showcasing the Pavilion that presents the story about “How to safely and successfully organize events” under the 2HY concept (Hygiene & Hybrid). The exhibition will present you the examples of the successful events which are not only safely organized but also utilize advanced technologies, and the procedures of arranging MICE Ecosystem for safety MICE events including the opening of MICE cities with high safety, the safe venues, and the guidelines for safely organizing MICE events. Also, the innovations and technologies utilizing in MICE events are given: Biz Connect application, Thai MICE Connect platform https://www.thaimiceconnect.com, where gathers everything you need when organizing MICE events in just one place, and Robotics Technology for welcoming or guiding the attendees at the event.

“Thailand International Health Expo 2022” is the first step of announcing to Thais and foreigners that our country is more than prepared and ready to become the World’s Medical and Wellness Hub and the dream destination for travellers who visit Thailand for medical and wellness tourism from every corner of the world.



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