MICE is the New Definition of Event Management

    It is undeniable that businesses these days develop at unbelievable speeds. There are innovations that facilitate accessibility to reliable information, quicker, and with more detail and dimension than ever before.

    MICE is the event management business cluster that allows event participants to exchange knowledge and opinions, and opens further possibilities for the development of the event management businesses in Thailand.

    MICE is a creative event management industry that promotes the economic aspects of organising events and meetings on local, regional, and international levels. Our aim is to provide services to businesspeople who attend seminars and exhibitions, which are important activities in a growing economy.

    The MICE industry includes corporate meetings, incentive travel, association seminars, as well as exhibitions, mega events, and international festivals. MICE events recognise the significance of inter-organisational and international communication, and therefore aim to hold sustainable and excellent events for all attendees.

The term MICE is the acronym from these four words that make up the industry:

    “M” refers to meetings and corporate seminars for one or more organisations. This can be specific internal meetings, or broad-based events.

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    “I” refers to incentives, or company trips for outstanding employees who have performed well for their company.

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    “C” refers to conventions.  In other words, meetings of an inter-organisational level between different associations. This can range in size from national, or regional, to international conventions, typically held by national associations or the government.

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    “E” refers to exhibitions, which are, in short, events held specifically for a certain industry, product, or business. They can focus on the relationship between business and business (B2B) or between business and the customer (B2C).

The role of MICE, then, is to organise creative and effective events for all participants.

    The Thai MICE industry has come up with a strategy to elevate Thailand's unique regional attractions. The central region of Thailand, for example, is very distinct in its readiness for the MICE business, both in terms of personnel and locations. The north eastern region, which is famous for its seminar and convention locations, is unique in its agricultural technology and traditional knowledge. The eastern region is well-known for its agricultural products and gemstones. The north is distinct for the Lanna culture and way of life, as well as being the region of wellness and crafts. The southern region is world famous for its tourist attractions, but also for its culture and connection to other countries. The Thai MICE industry aims to distribute MICE travellers all across Thailand, to each region based on their interests.

    MICE is an important industry to Thailand. It drives the economy as a whole; it initiates co-operation between different organisations, both public and private; and also draws investment to basic infrastructure. This further stimulates work, and therefore income, to all involved parties across the country. MICE is a great way for our country to showcase the ability to develop further as a market, and also a great way to create competitive development in terms of technology, innovation, and strategy. All of these factors make MICE an exciting industry to be a part of, both for Thai and international participants.

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