• MUST JOIN : Ban Na Teen Tourism Community   MUST JOIN : Ban Na Teen Tourism Community

    Learn about the local Islamic culture and way of life at Ban Na Teen Tourism Community. The village offers a wide range of interesting activities including fishing trips with locals, cooking classes, rubber tapping, making batik cloth or creating souvenirs from coconut shells. Adventure offerings include hiking trips to visit Khao Klong Son Cave and the Ban Na Teen View Point.

  • 11:00 MUST JOIN : Rai Pun Suk   MUST JOIN : Rai Pun Suk

    Experience how organic farming is conducted under the BCG Economy concept at Rai Pun Suk, or Happy Farm. All the farm’s produce is grown 100% chemical-free. MICE visitors can join in the planting process, and pick some of the most delicious vegetables to enjoy a healthy and tasty lunch.

  • 14:00 MUST JOIN : Banyan Tree Krabi   MUST JOIN : Banyan Tree Krabi

    The 5-star Banyan Tree Krabi on Tub Kaek Beach is the perfect location for all kinds of meetings and seminars. The hotel features six fully-equipped meeting and seminar rooms in a range of sizes, with a total function area of 453 square metres.

  • 18:00 MUST EAT :The Naga Kitchen   MUST EAT :The Naga Kitchen

    Dinner at the Banyan Tree Krabi’s The Naga Kitchen features delicious Thai and international cuisine served as part of its “Wellness Menu”. All dishes at The Naga Kitchen are created from only the freshest highest-quality ingredients with a focus on plant-based ingredients and are a part of the hotel’s commitment to being a “Wellbeing Sanctuary” offering a 360-degree wellness experience for both body and mind.