Khon Kaen





  • 09:00 MUST SEE & BUY : Jutatip   MUST SEE & BUY : Jutatip   MUST SEE & BUY : Jutatip

    Visit Jutatip to learn more about the handicraft of North-Eastern region and the history of hand-woven cotton fabric, which achieves its delicate intricacy through an exquisite pattern-making method by arranging individual strands of thread. MICE travellers can also buy traditional woven fabric back home as a souvenir.

  • 12:00 MUST EAT   MUST EAT

    Enjoy a spicy lunch of local specialties including mok pla tong or spicy steamed clown knife fish and the famous red ant eggs, all the while enjoying the beautiful view of Kaen Nakhon Lake.

  • 15:00 MUST JOIN : Thung Hed Sanuk   MUST JOIN : Thung Hed Sanuk

    Visit Thung Hed Sanuk, or “Field Mush Fun” in Khon Kaen and join an organic-vegetable-growing workshop, learn how to make natural insect repellent, and collect fresh vegetables to make healthy salad rolls and vegetable smoothies.

  • 18:00 MUST JOIN : Rachawadee Resort and Hotel   MUST JOIN : Rachawadee Resort and Hotel

    Rachawadee Resort and Hotel offers an idyllic environment to unwind in the beautiful shady atmosphere within its 12 acres of land, equipped with modern facilities. The hotel features meeting rooms that can accommodate large or small groups and catering options including green outdoor spaces or area for special events.