TCEB released a pocketbook “MICE Does Not Mean Mice” Telling a story of MICE through a real perspective and experience with the hope of generating more MICE people for the businesses

In Bangkok, on January 19, 2018 : TCEB released a new pocketbook “MICE Does Not Mean Mice”, the first one of Thailand that fully explains what MICE industry is in a compact, stylish, easy-to-read, fun and interesting pocketbook. It also includes interviews of 11 people from MICE industry, a great inspiration for the new generation of MICE people of Thailand. All of this is an attempt to make MICE in Thailand growing and to drive the country to become the hub of MICE of Asia

Mr. Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya, President of TCEB, said “MICE is a rising business. Many countries including Thailand have seen its importance role, an industry that can drive the economy of country. Consequently, Global MICE industry keeps growing and become an almost four billion dollars business. Last year alone, MICE contributes revenue THB 1.79 billion from 36.3 million MICE travelers both international and domestic. Seeing the potential, TCEB has the idea to create “MICE Does Not Mean Mice”, the first pocketbook of Thailand that gives you an insight into MICE industry in an easy-to-read, interesting and fun way, and it is great inspiration for the new generation of MICE people of Thailand. The target group is MICE stakeholders and those who are interested in coming into this business as well as students and the general public. 

The content of the book can be divided into 3 parts: the first one is “KNOW MICE – This is MICE”, in which you are introduced to MICE business and learn the 4 keys or its real meaning: Meetings, Incentive Travels, Conventions and Exhibitions. You will also learn a new kind of business from Airbnb who defines a new concept of accommodation, which was developed from 2007 Design Promotion Conference in San Francisco. Or, simply put, we can say Airbnb derived from MICE business. Furthermore, in the book, you will find new trends as well like Sport Event and Smart MICE along which digital media and mobile application are developed to facilitate the business. Next, you will learn why some cities like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Khon Kaen and Pattaya are officially selected to be MICE Cities.

The second part is called “THE MIGHTY MICE - When MICE come, open the door”, in which you will find lessons-learned about bidding and event hosting in Thailand since the past. There are 7 case studies in this part: Organo Gold Asia Convention, which was selected as a successful case study in 2015 and 2017 in the field of the convention and tourism as reward; Quantum FY18 Sales & Partner Kick off 2017, a big company that chooses Chiang Mai as conference destination where everything for an event was fully prepared, which could make everyone exclaims. "Wow"; The World Blind Union General assembly; the 103th FDI Annual World Dental Congress hosted by the World Dental Federation in 2015 at BITEC Convention Center, which is called a world-class dental conference with ten thousand attendees, for which Thailand spent two full years preparing for the event; Future Energy Asia 2018 , a world power conference that will occur at the first quarter of  year 2018 with up to 1,500 attendees and at least 15,000 exhibitors from around the world expected to join the event; VIV Asia, the largest exhibition of livestock and aquaculture technologies and innovations in ASIA, which was hosted many times in many countries; and lastly Harmony World Puppet Carnival in Bangkok Thailand 2014, the World Puppet Festival, in which puppet troupes from more than 80 countries come to participate in a great and long parade round the Rattanakosin Island in Bangkok.

The last part of the pocketbook is “WHEN MICE MEET MASS - Lesson learned by MICE people”, in which 11 people from MICE industry share their experience and views with us.

Dr. Prasarn Bhiraj Buri, Chief Executive Officer of Bhiraj Buri Group, a real estate developer, and the owner of BITEC Exhibition and Convention Center, said, “MICE business has great potential in Thailand. However, its infrastructure must be developed to make travelling from point to point more convenient and safe. Thailand is unique in its culture, and it becomes our identity. Bangkok is also called a vibrant city, which we can use this word as our advantage.”

Mr. Talun Theng, The President of the Thai Exhibition Association, said, “Exhibition grows by 3-5% every year. What is needed is more venues. Khon Kaen has recently opened Khon Kaen International Convention and Exhibition Center or KICE. Rising to become the real leader of the ASEAN should be our priority for now, and TCEB should take the role of supporting the knowledge to Thai people.”

Mr. Loy Joon How, General Manager of IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. said, “IMPACT will transform itself from MICE venue into an integrated MICE City by combining the existing buildings, facilities, and amenities with new recreational facilities.”               

Mr. Chanin Donavanik, Chairman of Executive Committee of Dusit International, said, “MICE should be included in the main policy of the country. We should not only become the MICE leader of ASEAN but also of Asia. Thailand is recognized for its tourist attractions, meetings venues, delicious food, and good service. However, more must be done to introduce MICE business to regional areas beyond Bangkok. Germany is an excellent example of how to develop MICE business nationwide. After all, MICE does not only generate revenue from visitors; it can also be used to create various activities and campaigns, promote various industries and services, and expose businesses to new trends, technologies and techniques. We should also feed more people into the MICE business because demand for talent in this area continues to outweigh supply.”

Mr. Sumate Sudasna, The President of Thailand Incentive and Convention Association (TICA) - an organisation that drive MICE in Thailand said, “The diversity of Thailand is our advantage, and we can use it support almost all types of MICE. However, we should take every detail into account, which could make an impressive experience for visitors. And, I’d to see Thai people have a better language skill and new generations know MICE correctly”.  

Assistant Professor, Dr.Kaedsiri Jaroenwisan, one of the creators of  MICE people in Thailand, said, “Now we have developed and established a number of MICE courses in a lot of universities where research works have been used in various case studies. We also strive to encourage operational level staff to acquire MICE knowledge by focusing specifically on vocational groups. Moreover, we may include MICE into study courses in the near future. For instance, students can take Mechanics as a major, as well as ‘MICE and Hotel Staff’ as their minor. As a result, we will obtain more human resources in the MICE Business industry and our society,”                  

Mr. Kreingkrai Kanjanapokin, Founder & Group CEO of Index Creative Village, said, “The key of world-class event hosting is to have a good vision and to search for new business opportunities. We should treat every event like a representative of MICE.”

Mr. Bert Chamrernnusit, Country Manager, Pacific World Meetings & Events (Thailand) Ltd. - a world-class company in the MICE industry and in Incentive Travel Business with offices in more than 40 countries worldwide, points to the strength of Thailand in organizing incentive travel “Thailand has so many aspects of being a rewarding destination for incentive travels, from various accommodation selections with good value for money to unforgettable WOW factors that could be created around our charming Thainess.” “To maintain our strength we always have to be creative and think out of the box in creating special and memorable experience to our customers”

Mr. Somsak Boonkam, CEO & Founder of Local Alike - a start-up company derived from a vision of seeing the potential of sustainable tourism for community, left his view in the book, “MICE does not only exist in a convention or a hotel, but - only  when we know how to adapt it - can it also occur in communities. If we cannot find a meeting room, can we use a school or the community hall? It is a matter of creativity."

Mr. Ittipol Khunpluem, Former Mayer of Pattaya City, who put much effort to add MICE aspect to Pattaya said, “In the past, the main target customer of Pattaya is family, and our tourism offers are simply too various and thus, difficult to sell. Now, to strategically tap specific niche markets, the city campaign “Pattaya City Definitely More” (or Pattaya is more than you think) has been developed. The city offerings are classified according to interest groups, be it CSR, culture, or natural attractions. Since then, the campaign has received a good response.”

Mrs. Supawan Teerarat, Senior Vice President – Strategic Business Development & Innovation of TCEB, gives us a closing remark, “If we’d like to see Thailand leap to 4.0, the fastest and easiest platform is to apply MICE model because MICE create economic impact to the country and develop the industry profile that they being organized.   My wish list right now is to see “Year of MICE” as national agenda.  

Thailand is recognized to be the leader of MICE industry of ASEAN. As for the number of international conferences in 2016, Thailand hosted 174 events while Singapore hosted 151, which made Thailand end the 24th place of Global MICE, and Singapore was the 27th. Since then, Thailand has become the leader of the ASEAN. So, MICE, today, are not small mice anymore but a big business that can generate much revenue and drive the nation’s economy.”

If you are interested in MICE and do not know how to get started in this business, the "MICE Does Not Mean Mice" is a great knowledge weapon that can definitely help you to learn about  MICE  This pocketbook is available at all branches of Naiin Shops, B2S, many other bookshops at 265 Baht.

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