TCEB Initiates “SMART MICE” Strategy to Upgrade MICE Events with Smart Innovation in Line with Thailand 4.0 Policy

4 May 2017, Bangkok: The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB today unveiled the ‘SMART MICE’ strategy, which has been developed to upgrade and create added value to MICE events with smart technology, innovation and creativity, while leveraging Thailand’s competitiveness as a premiere MICE destination, in line with the government’s Thailand 4.0 Policy – to drive the economy with innovation.

Mrs Supawan Teerarat, vice president – strategic and business development, TCEB revealed that, “The Government’s Thailand 4.0 Policy aims to develop the country into an innovation-driven economy, with a vision of stability, prosperity, and sustainability. Playing a vital role to drive, strengthen, and further enhance economic and social development sustainably, the MICE industry also helps promote trade, exchange, investment, and business matching while serving as an effective platform for knowledge and technology exchange. Underlining the need to drive growth and drive the capabilities of the Thai MICE industry to compete in the world marketplace, TCEB foresees the importance of the transformation of this sector from traditional to SMART MICE event platform by utilizing creativity and advanced technology.”

TCEB has identified a 20-year MICE Development Roadmap by positioning the organisation as a facilitator for MICE businesses with three objectives including 1) To generate revenue by attracting more foreign income; 2) To drive innovation, especially for the conventions and exhibitions; and 3) To disperse development evenly and sustainably in terms of business opportunities and inclusivity, allowing each city to be self sufficient. Together with these three defined objectives, the use of technology will help drive the MICE industry to achieve its goal, and strengthen Thailand’s unique selling points and competitiveness at an international level.

Mrs Supawan added that, “Upgrading and developing SMART MICE events plays a key role in drawing more MICE visitors to Thailand, as well as attracting return MICE visitors. The keys to successful SMART MICE events include the ability to reach customers’ emotions, to enhance the customer experience, and ultimately to stimulate customer engagement and urge their participation in future events.”

The frameworks for SMART MICE comprises five key elements including 1) Sustainability – consideration for societal, community and environmental impacts, as well as community engagement; 2) Modern – the use of modern technology to provide convenience and drive efficiency to support MICE events; 3) Artistic – the development of creative concepts and formats for MICE events; 4) Revolutionary – from traditional to new innovative and creative MICE event format; and 5) Transforming – the ever-changing formats of MICE events to strengthen the MICE sector as a key economic growth driver.

Today, many countries such as Singapore, Korea, Australia, and Scotland prioritise the use of technology to drive their MICE industry and issue strategic measures to support the development and adoption of technology including financial subsidies, tax reductions, and many more. The State of Event Technology Adoption Research by the Meeting Professionals International (MPI) revealed that 63 per cent of MICE event planners have deployed event technology and applications to help enhance their respective events. The research also highlighted Top 5 event technologies including registration systems, badge systems, internet access for attendees, Wi-Fi access for attendees, and attendee tracking systems. The adoption of event technologies accelerates associated benefits including streamlined operations, optimizing time and process, reducing operational cost and staff, and increasing promotional efficiency. Advanced technology also helps to enhance the customer experience while making events more interesting and attracting more attendees.

“TCEB has defined SMART MICE guidelines for Thai MICE businesses to adopt the strategy through a series of SMART MICE training sessions and seminars, as well as the development of supporting materials for SMART MICE events, and the promotion of technology adoption for the MICE industry. Furthermore, the organisation of ‘SMART MICE Thailand 2017: Thailand Towards Tomorrow’ helps provide a platform to promote knowledge, trends and latest updates, and better understanding of technology and innovation driving the sector. Providing opportunities for opinion and idea exchange among professionals in the technology, digital, and MICE industries, SMART MICE will help shape Thailand’s future towards with an emphasis on stability, prosperity and sustainability,” concluded Mrs Supawan.