TCEB Drives MICE Industry Forward with Education Targeting 20,000 new MICE graduates by 2021

10 March 2017, Bangkok: The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB is driving the MICE industry forward, aiming to create opportunities for 20,000 new generation MICE professionals in service and labor sectors by 2021. TCEB is also joining hands with strategic partners to organise the third edition of MICE Academy & Career Day, spearheading Thailand’s leadership position as the ASEAN MICE Education Hub.

Mr. Nopparat Maythaveekulchai, president of TCEB revealed that, “TCEB’s mission is to promote and support the Thai MICE industry through the Development Strategy in 2017, encompassing efforts to lay foundations for the sector through education. Under the MICE Academy campaign, which was created to help bridge connections and strengthen a nationwide network of universities and vocational colleges, while fostering cooperation from leading overseas MICE education bodies, TCEB aims to drive Thailand’s leadership position as the ASEAN MICE Education Hub.

The MICE Academy campaign highlights 5 strategic programs including 1) the development of MICE 101 Curriculum; 2) the Coach the Coaches Program; 3) the Academic Exchange Roadshow Program; 4) the MICE Academic Cluster; and 5) the MICE Academy & Career Day.”

Mrs. Nichapa Yoswee, director of MICE Capabilities Department, TCEB, also explained that, “The MICE Academy is driven by 3 key strategies, which include 1) Content Creation Strategy comprising the development of MICE 101 and Thailand’s first Event 101 curricula to be used by 60 universities and 47 vocational colleges across the country. Additionally, the MICE Casebook pools together useful MICE business knowledge while the Handbook for National Qualifications for Higher Education for MICE and Events Curricula has also been drafted to help provide participating educational institutes guidelines for their MICE Departments. For vocational colleges, TCEB supports the expansion of occupations that are beneficial to the Thai economy through the Vocational Manpower development of the MICE industry.

The bureau will also drive the tourism industry through high vocational degrees in MICE at 5 vocational colleges, which will start in 2017. The MICE Academy Program can help create a new generation of high quality MICE professionals, with up to 4,000 university graduates and 1,000 college graduates by the 2020 academic year. Lastly, the corresponding Coach the Coaches Program is instrumental in helping equip the seventh panel of 197 MICE Academy Program teachers from 83 participating institutes.

2) Connection & Network Strategy bridges both domestic and international connections among key MICE education institutes and organisations. This year, the Academic Exchange Roadshow Program will be further extended in key markets such as Australia and the United States of America. Today, TCEB connects with 49 leading MICE education partners from 8 countries including Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Germany, Taiwan, and the United of States America. Domestically, TCEB also strengthens the MICE Academic Cluster, which brings together and provides updates and knowledge among MICE Coaches within the cluster and in satellite areas and most importantly, the MICE Academy & Career Day, which supports MICE career opportunities for a new generation of MICE graduates and professionals.

3) Education Structure Strategy helps support the development of a National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education for MICE and Event Curricula, as well as the ‘Vocational Graduates, Highly Skilled Manpower to Build Nation’ by the Vocational Manpower Development Subcommittee, for which TCEB was assigned by the Ministry of Education to help develop vocational capabilities for MICE businesses. The bureau is driving the introduction of the high degree certificates major in the MICE industry in 5 vocational colleges.”

Mrs. Nichapa added that, “With strong support from partners including the Thai Exhibition Association, the Thailand Incentive and Convention Association, and the Event Management Association, the third edition of the MICE Academy & Career Day this year will be held in conjunction with the seventh edition of the Coach the Coaches Program to further enhance MICE knowledge among MICE teachers across the country.

Held on Friday, 10 March 2017 at the Queen Sirikit Convention Center, the MICE Academy and Career Day is expected to attract more than 2,000 students, teachers, personnel and MICE businesses with a wide range of knowledgeable and inspiring activities that will help open doors of opportunities. Students and graduates will be able to apply for more than 300 positions from over 30 leading companies and organisations. Activity highlights include the MICE Career Advisory panel discussion by well-regarded MICE experts, the MICE Talk by well-known online influencers including Patarapon Laueboonchu aka JapanSalaryman, Trasher Bangkok party promoter, and the Dive in Deep session by MICE Guru, the MICE Up (Le) Vel workshop by John Robert Powers, Top Gun, and Coslook, and the MICE Auditions Chair of Chance – a 60-second self introduction competition.

“To develop MICE professionals through education and to drive Thailand’s leadership position as the ASEAN MICE Education Hub, TCEB strives to leverage Thai MICE education for both undergraduate and graduate levels in educational institutes in Thailand to meet international standards, together with driving capacity for our teachers and students and enhancing educational networks with international partners. TCEB expects more than 20,000 MICE graduates to enter the MICE industry by 2021,” Mr. Nopparat concluded.