TCEB unleashes the new campaign “Thailand Extra Exhibition” aiming to provide Thailand platform plus world class support & services to exhibition organizers worldwide

6 November 2015, Milan - Italy – Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) unleashes the new global exhibition initiative “Thailand Extra Exhibition”. Targeting newly launch exhibitions in Thailand by showcasing three attributes of Thailand: Destination of Thailand, Business Opportunities in Thailand and People connections, integrated with TCEB’s world-class supports & services, aiming at positioning Thailand as high potential marketplace of exhibition for ASEAN and gateway to GMS Sub-region market.

Embarked Thailand’s exhibitions industry in the new perspective, Mrs. Supawan Teerarat, Vice President Strategic and Business Development of TCEB unveiled that “With an advent of the ASEAN Economic Community, South East Asia, it has become more diversified and importantly more challenging. With its geographically central location, exhibitions in Thailand enable businesses to easy access to the region’s dynamic market and link business to ASEAN, Asia and the world’s market while empowering effective and effortless business connections. The new marketing initiative ‘Thailand Extra Exhibition…Expand Your Business Opportunities in ASEAN’ will be implemented throughout 2016 to emphasis Thailand in the next level of ASEAN Connectivity and wide spectrum of TCEB’s support and services. Thailand is a stunning potential marketplace for exhibitions where offering unrivalled business opportunities”.

“Thailand Extra Exhibition…Expanding Your Business Opportunities in ASEAN” underlines the country’s strengths and privileges all inclusive for new launched exhibition in Thailand;

1.    Extra Destination: Ultimate ASEAN Marketplace…Expand Connection for Extra Business Benefits. Exhibitions in Thailand will make easy access to the region’s dynamic market including better connections. Thailand offers more business opportunities with

I.    ASEAN Connectivity Capital - The country is fast becoming the ASEAN Capital of Connectivity, thanks to its infrastructure development plan resulting in efficient transportation links throughout the region. Such seamless connectivity gives exhibitions in Thailand extra benefits and better connections.

II.    Asia’s Crossroad - Thailand is primed to take centre stage by emerging at Asia’s crossroads, with its diverse destinations right at the heart of the fast growing ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS), a newly emerging market offering great business potential.

III.    World’s Destination - Thailand is a world-recognised business events paradise, with its abundance of diverse, cutting-edge exhibition venues, stunning choice of hotels and accommodation across the country, and upgraded telecommunication infrastructure.

2.    Extra Business: Trade Powerhouse…Expanded Liberalisation for Extra Trade Empowerment.

I.    ASEAN MICE Collaboration - The ASEAN MICE Collaboration initiative has linked up exhibitions in Thailand with the integrated trading market of the AEC, further connecting them to the global supply chain.

II.    Asia’s Trade Powerhouse - Thailand’s connections and collaboration with other countries will further improve and expand trade promotion. Thailand’s allure stems from its role as a regional powerhouse of production and export. Thailand’s six free trade agreements (FTAs) with Australia, China, India, New Zealand and the 10 member countries of ASEAN have made the country an even more attractive marketplace for exhibitions.

III.    World’s Spotlight Industry - the country’s industrial production has grown and diversified rapidly both in long-established and newly emerging industry. Exports of electronics, automotive and auto parts sectors in which foreigners are heavily invested, have increased significantly. Not only have FTAs drastically expanded duty free access to 2.87 billion people, key industries and logistic streamlined and regulations on foreign investments have been liberalized.

3.    Extra People: The Power of Connection…Expanded Collaboration for Extra Solution and Profitable Diversity. Thailand will embrace the power of connections allowing your business to achieve ultimate success with

I.    Savvy Networkers - Beyond recognition for its proficient, creative and adaptive services to empower your exhibitions and trade shows to achieve ultimate success.

II.    Trusted Partners - Thailand exhibition industry professionals, local alliances, and TCEB are your trusted partners to facilitate and maximise these smart connections.

III.    Qualified Approved Events - An endorsement by TCEB to quality international trade show that meets UFI international standard. Benefit with local and international exposure to create brand awareness of trade show region wide.

Mrs. Jaruwan Suwannasat, Director of Exhibitions & Events Department added that “Under the launch of new campaign - Thailand Extra Exhibition - we are offering Exhibition Extra Advantage Program which is first time launch in Milan. The program is aim to provide an ease and support to international exhibition organiser who looking for business expansion into ASEAN and staging its trade shows in Thailand whereby TCEB support will help grow their shows. We will be your trustworthy planning partner, providing tailored services based on your exhibition and trade show requirements”.

Thailand Exhibition Extra Advantage Program including;

    Premier Exhibition Access Program: Ensure your success with our customised site-inspection programme. An offering from feasibility study & research of market opportunity to the network linkage with industry contact and government relation. On top of that, we are hosting professional hospitality of ground management from landing with immigration fast track, logistic arrangement, the real business experiences of market condition, and industry orientation by government agency.

    Connect Businesses: TCEB’s exclusive promotion for group of qualified trade visitors to match-making at exhibitions in Thailand. Earn USD 100 for each trade visitor achieving three business matching meetings.

    Be My Guest: Buyer appreciation program to host key international buyers around the globe to your trade show in Thailand. Two nights will be granted to a single qualified buyer selected by the organiser.

The Thailand Extra Exhibition will forge ahead Thailand to offer unrivalled business opportunities, and to become a high potential destination for exhibitions to capitalise on this new wave of growth. Exhibitions in Thailand has made a milestone with a record of 103 trade shows in 2015. This year TCEB is expected that Thailand will welcome 190,400 international exhibitions delegates, generating a total of 17 billion baht.


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