TCEB Names New President “NOPPARAT MAYTHAVEEKULCHAI”, Moving on with 5 Policies to Generate Revenue from MICE As the Nation’s Major Income

Bangkok / 29 May 2013 – TCEB announces the appointment of Mr. Nopparat Maythaveekulchai as the new president of Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) and his management vision. The president is prompted to implement the existing 5-Year Strategy that highlights 5 policies designed to emphasise the commitment between public and private sectors to produce more practical results in a positive way. Aiming at enhancing public image of TCEB and attract mega-sized events, the bureau will move forward using strategic marketing plans. In order to generate revenue and serve as an essential mechanism that strengthens Thai economy, MICE information centres will also be promoted for the advancement of meetings and incentives industry or MICE.

Mr. Nopparat Maythaveekulchai, TCEB President, disclosed that, “I am glad and honoured to be one of executives considered by TCEB as having right qualifications and eventually met the criteria for the position of TCEB president. Personally, I possess more than 10 years of experience in working and managing organisation with additional interest in the happenings of MICE industry. In my opinion, MICE is the rising star among global trend with no less than 10-15% growth each year. The industry has been able to generate over 80,000 million baht annually. Furthermore, my past experience could help in terms of coordinating with international organisations to drive Thai MICE to global stage. Particularly, the representation of Thailand as the destination for MICE in Asian region and the pooling of international-scale mega events into Thailand,”

Directions and the management policy of TCEB and MICE industry under the vision of TCEB President Nopparat will include the implementation of International Meetings and Conventions Industry Plan, 2012-2016 that specifically accentuates 5 policies designed to raise Thai MICE industry to grow shoulder to shoulder with international competitors before stepping into the AEC in 2016.

Mr. Nopparat added that, “In enhancing the growth and driving the industry forward rapidly, there are 5 policies I believe are important as they are the foundation for the integration of the whole MICE system. First policy focuses on the establishment of coordination between public and private sectors in driving Thai MICE industry forward. Definitely, TCEB is unable to operate at its best without supports from public and private sectors. In my part, I would concentrate in Thai-style teamwork by which members join to pool events into Thailand and help promote Thai MICE. Brainstorming symposiums will be held jointly with public and private sectors to pave the way for the betterment of MICE industry by having relevant parties coordinated to design plans for marketing, public relations and industry progression.

Second policy includes the enhancement of TCEB’s public image. The policy emphasises the creation of awareness of the bureau’s image among public. By relying on the development of information technology designed for digital MICE marketing which will be used as communication means for MICE target markets worldwide, the channel will be perpetually packed full with interesting contents and important updates. It will also serve as an essential element in creating more awareness as once TCEB is recognised in a wider circle, the liaison with alliances orappeals for assistance from other organisations or general public could be made easier and faster. These in turn will result in good impression that international MICE travellers will be receiving.

Third policy embraces the pooling of mega projects into Thailand. The achievement of this policy is dependent on the region for which such mega project is being held. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs and public sectors must operate jointly in a systematic way to make MICE destinations and attractions nationwide safe, convenient and well-provided with quality food. These factors are considered important in pooling mega projects into the country. Moreover, all sectors must hasten the development of basic infrastructure and telecommunication network, such as mass transit train and the extension of high-speed telecommunication system.

Fourth policy involves strategic marketing. Building strength in marketing is crucial, ranging from creating new marketing channels, integrating database for the achievement of mission to establishing comprehensive MICE information centres. From now on, TCEB will explore target markets by recruiting alliances as well as initiate rapport with public and private sectors, such as Ministry of Tourism & Sports, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tourism Authority of Thailand and Thai Airways International, in jointly creating marketing promotion plans for MICE on international scale. For example, the existing “OptiMICE Pass Package” campaign that TCEB and Thai Airways joined together to explore MICE market in Singapore.

Fifth policy is the development of MICE Intelligence Center. Global village is now living the era of information which tremendously affect the advancement and promotion of business. TCEB must seek for our standing point and enhance service on which every sector can rely. Implementation and progression of this segment are important elements that could make the difference and well serve as supporter for public and private sectors, as well as Thai MICE industry.

“My mission concerns the rise of Thai MICE as the industry that generates major revenue for Thailand just after the tourism industry. The “Partner-Centric” notion is what TCEB has counted on from the right start. This philosophy plays important role in determining success which can be evaluated via “figure” of the revenue. Imagine if MICE industry brings MICE travellers from all over the world into Thailand and could generate major revenue for the country, all sectors of the society will recognise the importance of MICE and, hence, provide fullest support they could. TCEB has foreseen that Thai MICE industry will multiply its value to 88,000 million baht in 2013, while numbers of MICE travellers could reach 940,000. However, the growth must be witnessed from increased revenue, side by side with the quality of facilities and service, as well as the conservation of natural resources and environment.” concluded Mr. Nopparat.

Mr. Nopparat Maythaveekulchai has been named the president of Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) by the consensus of board members of Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau on 20 March 2013. The appointment became official on 16 May 2013. Mr. Nopparat Maythaveekulchai has 10 years of experience in organisation management. He started his career at TOT Public Company Limited (formerly the Telephone Organization of Thailand) and continued to progress from 1983-2013. His latest position was the executive vice-president of TOT Plc.

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