Let’s Embark on a New Journey of Exhibitions Together in 2022 and Beyond

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Come join a ride for forth-coming lucrative opportunities in Thailand’s exhibition industry. Tap into the growing markets of future industries, gain access to a wider regional territory, and get your business rolling for the bright future ahead together!

Exhibitions are restarting in Thailand, ASEAN’s leader of the exhibition industry. Exhibition stakeholders, be they organizers or venue operators, are seeing a continual return of “face-to-face” events under “new normal” practices and are looking forward to welcoming all international participants around the world to maximize business opportunities and a return of investment in 2022 onwards.  

Industry wise, in line with the national policy on 12 focused sectors, Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), as an opportunity connector, strategic partner and growth driver, is moving in full steam to promote and support international exhibitions of 6 post-pandemic focus industries including aviation and logistics, future automotive, integrated medical services, robotics, and digital and technology (5G). In 2022, TCEB is gearing towards 63 international trade shows for prioritized industries in Bangkok and many more will be held in other MICE cities across the country. 

With a strategic location in the heartland of Southeast Asia or ASEAN market, Thailand offers exhibitions a strong advantage of tapping the wider market beyond the country. TCEB’s Exhibitions Department has crafted 360-degree subventions for trade fairs from around the world to co-create business win in a market of 660 million ASEAN populations. Subventions to start a new show offer 5 pillars of funding from preparation, conceptualization, execution, promotion and facilitation. Funding is also available for organising a new show and holding the existing one, while subventions for marketing promotion to attract national pavilion and to bring in ASEAN trade delegates are ready to co-create business growth. The subventions are also designed to cover virtual space of exhibitions and to secure tech solutions for safe and hygienic shows. Our support schemes will make you achieve return on investment and return on time.

Come and co-create the future of exhibition industry. Let’s make your business go further, fly higher and get bigger than ever here in Thailand.

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Exhibitions in 2021 Success Stories Review

To all exhibition stakeholders, please accept our greatest appreciation for your continuous fighting spirits in organizing exhibitions throughout this challenging year, be they physical or hybrid events.

In the pre-pandemic period from 2016-2021, international exhibitions in Thailand attracted approximately 196,000 international participants and 22 million local visitors each year, generating an annual national income of over USD 3 billion and accounting for 55% of the MICE industry.

Fundamentally, exhibitions are a form of experiential marketing engaging active and highly motivated exhibitors and visitors in a face-to-face environment. Although the impacts of the pandemic have disrupted the exhibition industry as a whole, the crisis has presented exhibition organizers with new opportunities. Many have refreshed perspective on the market and enhanced the utilization of digital and innovation technologies, as set forth by TCEB. As the country is returning to normalcy in the last quarter of 2021, there are 15 physical and hybrid international shows successfully taking place under TCEB’s MICE safety and hygiene standard charter. 

TCEB’s Exhibitions Department is always there for you. For support inquiries or more information, please contact exhibitions@tceb.or.th.

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