What does a MICE city do? MICE cities drive Thailand’s sustainable economy

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Thailand is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, attracting all types of travelers from across the globe. The type of traveler that TCEB prioritises, however, is the MICE traveler, or the group that travels to Thailand for seminars and incentive trips – put simply, exhibition attendees who travel for both business and pleasure. These travelers have double the purchasing power of regular tourists; therefore, they have more potential to drive the economy and the tourism industry of the country. This further creates jobs and distributes income to locals. Consequently, if each province enacts policy that draws this type of tourist, their local economy will certainly improve.

As of now, there are seven cities that meet TCEB’s criteria to be recognised as MICE cities:

    Bangkok is the nation’s capital and drives the economy of the whole country. Its main sources of income are the commerce, finance, service, and tourism sectors. Bangkok is also home to many headquarters of the important global businesses, which raises Thailand’s significance as a commercial hub of Southeast Asia. It also receives ongoing support from the government in areas such as transportation, with Suvarnabhumi International Airport being the entry point for the majority of foreign visitors. There are also various types of accommodation, ranging in price and comfort, and different types of facilities for meetings and events. Bangkok is the centre of entertainment and leisure, whether food, commerce, or shopping. Not only that, but it also houses five international-quality facilities for all types of events and seminars, all of which are equipped with high-tech equipment.

    All of these factors help make Bangkok the amazing city that it is, and draw more than 20 million tourists each year, for both business and leisure purposes.

    Khon Kaen is the powerhouse of Isan and the door to the Indo-China region. It is rich with natural resources such as metal and wood, and boasts extensive transportation, as well as a strong industrial sector. Agriculture constitutes 11.4% of the province. Khon Kaen is also rich in cultural heritage and history, and with its convenient transportation, is perfect for events and meetings.

    Chiang Mai, the “Rose of the North”, is rich with culture and the air is filled with the aroma of festivities. With its varied landscape and unique culture, Chiang Mai inspires one-of-a-kind creativity. Chiang Mai is scattered with the remnants of the Lanna civilization, with more than 300 temples dotting the province surrounded by stunning mountains. The city is very popular with business travelers because it has top-class meeting facilities, a welcoming atmosphere, and a cool climate. Because it is only a few hours away from its sibling city Chiang Rai, one-day trips can be easily arranged. 

    Pattaya is the lively coastal city that excites tourists’ days and nights. It is vibrant and active, with beautiful beaches for outdoor activities. Hotels and meeting facilities are more than sufficient, offering different types of event experiences. The city’s pulsating heart beats with an energy that has something for everyone. Travelers can relax on the beach or join the lively nightlife scene in the city. Because of its charms, Pattaya is nicknamed “the Gem of the Eastern Economic Corridor”. 

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    Nakhon Ratchasima is the giant of the highlands. It is abundant in natural resources and fully equipped with everything anyone could want. Its nature is world-renowned and its Ancient Khmer ruins are world heritage listed. Learn folk knowledge and get your hands dirty with its famous ecotourism activities. It is also the home of the original Isan food. Everywhere is accessible via an extensive transportation system, as well as high-quality infrastructure and facilities. Nakhon Ratchasima can easily lay claim to being the number one MICE city in the northeast.

    Phuket is the star of Thailand. It is said you will find what you are looking for in Phuket and that is likely to be true. Phuket is flanked by the sea and the forest. It is perfect for leisure activities but also business meetings and events. There is a variety of choices for event locations, such as hotels and cruise ships. Ocean views are ubiquitous in Phuket. Each time you visit Phuket town you’re bound to enjoy a different experience from your last, and that’s its charm. Phuket is undoubtedly one of the most influential cities in Southeast Asia and deserves the title of “MICE City of the Andaman”.

    Songkhla is the city that houses the biggest international exhibition hall in the south. It is the richest border province and a centre for seafood products. It is well-known for its energy industry, featuring the country’s most important source of oil. It is also the centre of education in the region, especially in the fields of medicine, innovative science, and MICE management. It’s well prepared in terms of event facilities, with 20,000 hotel rooms, and meeting rooms for all kinds of events. Songkhla is the only city on the Gulf of Thailand to hold the title of MICE city.

    MICE cities are the frontier of the MICE business in Thailand. By highlighting the uniqueness of each region in each province, they further light up Thailand’s MICE business scene. Now travelers are free to choose which city suits them best. MICE cities are a way to distribute the country’s income to the locals in the most sustainable way.

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