Mango Art Festival 2022

Mango Art Festival 2022: All about art for a better tomorrow

Returning to reinvigorate the Thai art scene, the Mango Art Festival will gather a variety of art disciplines to bring enjoyment to all art enthusiasts and enhance the country's creativity, returning to revive the Thai art scene.

The Mango Art Festival 2022, to be held from May 3 to 8, 2022 in River City Bangkok, will be a space for freedom and self-expression that unleashes humanity's boundless potential. The festival's theme, "A Vision for a Better Tomorrow," intends to utilize art to guide us all through the difficult times of a worldwide epidemic and climate change to a brighter future. Visitors will also be exposed to innovative aesthetics as a consequence of technology developments made throughout the festival.

The theme of this year’s festival is ‘A Vision for A Better Tomorrow.’ This future has to do with what we give value to, like equality and freedom, the right to live the way we want. In this sense, art can be a driving force that brings something better to society, for today and tomorrow.

The festival consists of four main zones at River City Bangkok, a shopping center that is well known for art and its success in having hosted several internationally acclaimed exhibitions. These zones are  Galleries, Independent Artists, Product Designs, and Craft Accessories and Food & Beverage. Beyond these exhibition zones, other interesting activities include talks, performances, special exhibitions, and music. The festival will feature 66 booths with over a thousand artworks by Thai and international artists, including selected pieces from private collections, works by old masters and contemporary artists as well as NFTs.

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