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Work Permit

Work Permit

Is a work permit required for people who attend meetings in Thailand for no longer than 15 days?

  • No, a work permit is not required, but the Tor Thor 10 form must be submitted. In the case of multiple consecutive entries to Thailand, a work permit must be applied for because the work is considered to have been planned in advance

Must a permit be applied by the applicant themselves, or can it be granted to someone on their behalf through Power of Attorney?

  • The application can be completed either by yourself or a representative. However, you are required to pick up the permit in person and sign the Thai work permit book in the presence of the Labour Department Staff.

If a company attending a meeting in Thailand is a foreign unregistered company without any branches or representatives in Thailand, is a work permit required? If so, are the same application documents used?

  • In the case whereby the foreigners have already entered Thailand, use the Tor Thor 1 form.
  • In the case where they have not entered Thailand, the employer (the hotel where the meeting will take place) applies for the work permit using Tor Thor 3. After the permit is granted, the foreign workers are allowed to travel to receive the work permit and work within 30 days from the date of submitting the documents. They also must bring evidence showing an agreement between them and the hotel, plus the other documents listed in Tor Thor 3. If they are supported by Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), the process is the same as with hotels.

Where can we obtain more information?

  • For more details, visit the Office of Foreign Workers Administration website.