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General Travel Information I Weather

Although Thailand does see three seasons, the general climate is warm and humid for most of the country, most of the year.


Cool season: November - February
Warm season: March - May
Rainy season: June - October



The city has on of the highest average temperature in the world, with pronounced hot and rainy seasons. Temperatures are usually above 30°C and lows don’t usually go below 20°C. It is almost always humid.

Northern Thailand

Higher elevations in some areas mean a cooler overall climate. It is somewhat drier than the central and coastal regions, with the odd rare freeze.

Southern Thailand

A mostly tropical climate with rainfall occurring through the year with pockets of micro-climates. Temperatures are more even year-round with average high of 28-30°C.

Northeast Thailand or ‘Isan’

The winter period from October to February is the best time to visit this mountainous region. Temperatures are cool and local flora come alive during this season. Avoid the rainy seasons as some provinces may experience flooding.